Temples & Churches in Mesa

Churches, Synagogues and Temples in Mesa

Whether you are a resident of Mesa, just visiting or vacationing for a short time, it’s really helpful to have a bit of information on where to worship within the city itself. No matter what you’re religious belief, you will find a spiritual home in Mesa.

There is truly a variety of churches, temples and synagogues of worship in Mesa. Many residents in the city attend regular weekly services at a specific place of worship that their family has known and has been familiar with for a long while. The City of Mesa was originally founded by a group of Mormon settlers who came from Utah. The city still has a very large Mormon community and one of the most beautiful temples in the entire Southwest. The Mesa Arizona Mormon Temple is truly a peaceful and stately structure with a lovely water feature in the front, and there is also a Mormon Temple Visitor Center which has information and videos that reveal much about the Mormon religion. The Temple is the first Church of the Latter Day Saints to be built in Arizona. Each Christmas, the Temple does an exquisite Christmas lights display that people will travel from around the country to come and see.

There are actually many Christian denominational churches in Mesa including Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical and some non-denominational places of worship. The website www.mesa.com is a great site to find a specific church that will fit your family’s needs.

Catholic churches in Mesa include All Saints Roman Catholic Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church and St. Timothy Catholic Church. All of them offer religious education programs along with all of the various Catholic Sacraments.

One of two local synagogues, Chabad Lubavitch is a worldwide and well- known Orthodox movement which began in 1755, but is very popular now and offers worship and Jewish Hasidic studies. The Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center is located in Mesa and has a large program that includes meditation. Other churches in Mesa include East Mesa Christian Church, Living Word Bible Church, Harvest Community Church and the very popular Red Mountain Community Church.