Things To Do In Arizona

Things To Do In Arizona

By Brett Mitnick

Hummer ToursThirteen years ago The Outback Safari Co . set out to elevate and perfect the existing standards found in the off-road touring market; insisting on only the best in equipment, guest service, safety and enjoyable recreation. Needless to say the challenge for such improvements has been met with enthusiasm and success tenfold. The Outback Safari Co. operates H1 Hummer and ATV tours in the Tonto National Forest and Four Peaks area. They can accommodate Hummer tour groups up to 300+ people and ATV tours up to 30+. Additional services include cowboy cookouts and star gazing tours. Call 480-987-8335 to start your adventure!

Outback Safari has obtained privileged access to National Forest lands by carefully maintaining their designated areas, keeping them free of debris and damage. This attention to the environment has earned them the distinction of being the longest permit holders in our industry. The Sonoran Desert is their backyard and no one respects or loves it more!

Everyone at the Outback Safari Co. has a deep appreciation of Arizona's southwestern picturesque beauty and diverse wildlife. These attributes are greatly magnified by a rich heritage and colorful history. Founded by native Arizona residents, they strive to pass their knowledge and excitement on to each and every one of their guests.

Safety is something else Outback Safari finds invaluable. Their outfitters inspect every piece of equipment prior to touring. Maintaining their vehicles to the highest factory standards is imperative. Each outfitter is certified in CPR, First Aid and desert survival. Returning our guests safely is a priority second to none.

Choosing the Outback Safari Co. as your off-road touring company ensures the BEST our industry has to offer:

A stellar safety record.

Versatility in accommodating all kinds of guests (groups, families, corporations etc.) without compromising any quality of personal attention.

Variety of tours and touring vehicles suited to all skill levels and interests.

Availability - We go to great lengths to accommodate YOUR schedule.

Competitive pricing, offering you more for your hard earned dollar.

Last but not least, no one knows FUN and ADVENTURE like the Outback Safari Company. It's not just business it's their favorite pastime. Awaken your senses and join them for the perfect escape!