Dedicated and Trained Staff Make a World of Difference at CallTeks Security

Dedicated and Trained Staff Make a World of Difference at CallTeks Security

 By Lynette Carrington

CallTeks Security is a locally owned business with a staff of eight people and despite its lean structure, operates like a much larger company. With every staff member engaged, trained and integrated into what is happening within the security industry, the peace of mind that CallTeks Security provides its valued customers is second-to-none.

"We aim to have one point of contact for our customers," says CallTeks Security partner Nicole Swartwout. "We give people our business cell phones so that they know we are personally there for them. From design to install on through technical support and customer service, we feel that people do business with people and one trusted point of contact is highly important. Unlike national big brand competitors, we won't toss our customers from department to department over the phone. We create personal and valuable relationships with everyone we meet."

Each staff member is an involved part of the installation process and can follow through on promises, thoroughly understand the equipment capabilities, have real technical answers and design a system tailored for the customized security solutions for their customers. All this puts CallTeks in a league of its own and the proof is in the customer satisfaction.

Unlike most security companies, CallTeks keeps permanent, long-term employees and does not utilize contractors. "We are not about ‘sell, sell, sell.' We design systems that enhance our customers' lives or support their businesses in a positive way," Swartwout says. "We build our company based on nurturing those personal relationships because we want to keep both our customers and our employees alike for the long haul. Most of our employees have worked for the company since we opened in 2013. The partners have worked together for over 20 years and even brought some technicians over from past companies. I believe that says a lot about our company culture. Any relationship-business or personal that is strong for 20 plus years is a pretty big accomplishment in my book."

Since CallTeks works on government projects it must maintain the absolute highest level of clearance for its technicians. This includes annual finger print cards, federal background checks and reporting of driving records. Because it is an alarm company doing business in Arizona, every company employee that touches an alarm system (sales, data entry, installers, and technical support) must to go through a justifiable and very high-scrutiny background check and fingerprint clearance process annually. The staff carries "Alarm Agent" cards issued directly from the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. This also sets CallTeks apart.

"We require this plus substance screening. We would never send an employee into a home or business we would not trust in ours," notes Swartwout. "We are so passionate with this initiative that I am heavily involved with lobby efforts with the Arizona Alarm Association and the Electronic Security Association to ensure that all companies in the state are held to the same standard. These organizations played a huge role with the passing of H.B. 2748. It is a work in progress." The house bill regulates statewide licensing, , a legislative action that mandates all alarm company owners and agents to have an annual background check submitted with fingerprint cards. Under the statute, businesses must register with the Board of Technical Registration.

Swartwout adds, "Absolutely all of employees should be background and finger printed before we send into a home. Anyone who opposes, in my opinion is trying to hide something, or cut corners to save money. We are in the business of security we ask our customers questions about vulnerable places in their homes or businesses , we have a responsibility to never send criminals in their homes and an obligation to do the due diligence of thorough background investigation. This statue helps hold all Arizona alarm companies to that standard it gives our industry as a whole credibility, something worth advocating for, and we at CallTeks fully support the transparency of detailed background checks.

 "We like to educate customers that there is a huge difference from companies like ours who have all W2-regulated, Alarm Agent card-carrying employees compared to 1099 contractors that large companies often use," explains Swartwout. "In that case, you have no idea who you are bringing into your home. Never be ashamed to ask any installation company about its background requirements and make them show you their ID cards. We believe security should be secure, that is why we take all those extra steps and advocate intensely the same for our industry.

Security training tools are available to CallTeks technicians, 24/7-like demo boards and live training equipment. "We even encourage them to break stuff just so they can troubleshoot how to fix it, plus we have a pretty outstanding in house virtual library," says Swartwout.

She continues, "When our technicians go through the amount of extensive training they do, are given open access to management-level resources and when we have worked with them for extended time periods, we trust them to make the right decisions then empower and reward them when they do so. Sometimes the red tape of having 10 layers of supervision just causes more problems than strictly focusing on what we should-the customer."

The success of CallTeks shines through in its staff. "Our people are our greatest asset," explains Swartwout. "It's all in the culture. We treat our employees like family and we have high expectations but we never miss out on the chance to have a little fun or involve some daily humor. Our unwritten motto around here is ‘Work Hard, Play Hard." For only being a team of eight, I can confidently say we execute the same amount of work, but at a higher quality than similar companies with a staff of 20 to 30 people. We all motivate, support, and have a great amount of respect for each other."

CallTeks Security is located at 14001 N. 7th St., Suite C-106, Phoenix. Visit or call (844) 862-0318 for more information.