CallTeks Security Helps with Summertime Safety for the Entire Family

CallTeks Security Helps with Summertime Safety for the Entire Family

By Lynette Carrington

Now that it's well over 100 degrees on a daily basis in the valley, CallTeks Security has specific features in its state-of-the-art security systems designed to protect the entire family and provide extra peace of mind.

 An energy-saving GPS thermostat incorporates effortlessly into a CallTeks Security system. "CallTeks Security is so excited to be able to provide this unique product integration to our customers," CallTeks Security partner Nicole Swartwout explains. "Unlike other smart thermostat competitors that are solely based on motion sensor or learning activities, this thermostat is GPS integrated. It is linked to one or more cell phones and intelligently manages the climate of your home based on location parameters customized just for you by you or a fully interactive platform online or via an app."

 The GPS thermostat is perfect for those with unusual work schedules. With completely customized schemes, a customer can set a 10 mile perimeter around their home. When they cross that barrier with their phone, the thermostat will allow the home to heat up to a designated temperature; 83 degrees, for example. When the client crosses back into that 10 mile radius it will automatically begin to cool back to the optimal temperature of the homeowner's choosing. "The CallTeks thermostat makes automation automatic and it saves money while enhancing the quality of life," Swartwout says. "CallTeks technicians are not only experts on installing the thermostats but always take time to help our customers set up and learn how to customize these convenient settings."

The GPS thermostat can save clients money on their utility bill. "You'll never have to worry again about leaving town and forgetting to set the temperature. The integration GPS will take care of it and you always have access with your mobile app to make changes at any time. You can also manage users and see your energy usage and savings with easy to understand graphs," notes Swartwout. "We also now carry sensor in which you can base temperature by room not just by where your thermostat resides."

 Pool gate alerts are another way that CallTeks Security systems can provide peace of mind. Multiple pool gate alert sensors can be installed on fences themselves. Swartwout explains, "We can customize alerts directly to the interior panels to alert with a loud audible voice ‘Pool Gate Open' alert. I have this in my house and every time I am not outside I hear it on both the panel in my kitchen and from my secondary panel upstairs. This is so valuable because if I am inside and anyone opens that gate, I know in real time."

CallTeks can also set the sensor to automatically trigger instant push notifications on connected devices, such as smart phones and iPads. "This is another safe guard plus if you are not home you know about activity in your yard. For example, a customer of ours in North Scottsdale originally had a sensor installed for a safeguard when her grandkids came to visit. However, while on vacation she was alerted her pool gate was opened at night. When her neighbor looked over the fence some neighborhood teens were using her pool when she was gone!" says Swartwout.

Mention this article and CallTeks Security will include a free pool gate sensor with any new system.

We know that in the summer time young adults are often trusted to be at home while mom and dad are at work. A CallTeks Security system can integrate multiple forms of communication and check-ins.
• Alarm stay will automatically alert in the event of an intrusionat the motoring station, SMS push notifications to connected (parent) phones and the local emergency responders in real time. Two-way voice gives instant assistance to occupants during an emergency or event. We set passwords and "fake passwords" which are code to still send emergency personnel without tipping off bad guys that authorities are being alerted.
• Image sensors and cameras can be used by parents to peek in at common areas even when the system is not armed.
• Sensors can be specified to alert certain users (like parents) if areas of interest are accessed like liquor cabinets or gun cases.
• Automated door locks can alert who has come and gone with time stamps.

Swartwout says, "One of the best things about partnering with CallTeks Security is that we are always willing to add on to your customized security system. Being that we are local, we do everything in house, love our customers and we vow to not extend contracts or add extra changes when upgrading or adding equipment to a system." Call CallTeks at (602) 680-7269 for a quote or to arrange to have additional components added to your security system.

"Our installers always take time at the end of an install to assure our customers can log in to the connected app on their phone and, if applicable, the we-based portable on their computer," Swartwout explains. "We have a login for our customers right on our website home page at at the top right hand corner where anyone can log in and watch videos or pull up a variety of customization topics. If ever a customer needs more personal help we will set up a time to help with in-person training or through a web-based shared screen training. We are here to help because we know interacting with all the features of your customized system is what adds value to the security system itself and we want all of our customers to feel fully in control of their customized solution."