Co-worker Pays it Forward to Phoenix dental assistant whose family is living with no A/C

April Carillo is a 19-year-old dental assistant, who loves going to work. But her home life is a bit of a struggle.

A few weeks ago, the air conditioning went out in her Phoenix home that she shares with her mom and dad and 10 other brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

"We'd like to fix it, but we can't because we can't afford it," said Carillo. "I see my mom, she's there all day and its hot for her, and my dad. He comes home too and he wants to come home to a nice A/C house, but he can't because there's no A/C."

Some co-workers have chipped in to buy some fans to try and keep her family cool, but the fans can only do so much.

A co-worker, Jazmine Munoz, reached out to CBS 5 to Pay it Forward to Carillo, hoping that a $500 gift would help the family get an air conditioning unit a little sooner.

"April comes in every morning with a big smile on her face, and she leaves wearing a smile on her face," said Munoz. "She doesn't show the hurt, so that's when we decided it was time to do something about it."

A CBS 5 news crew was there to surprise Carillo at work.

"I know how much you work and how hard you work for your family," said Munoz. "It means a lot to me when you come here every day and you give it your all, and I know your family is struggling. On behalf of Dr. Spigner and our office here, and Channel 5, we wanted to present you with the Pay it Forward of $500."

"Just having this extra help will help me out a lot," said Carillo. "I know it will make my family happy, as well."

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