At the core of Childhelp’s mission is the belief that every child has something unique to contribute to the world and that every one of them deserves the chance to reach their God-given potential. As a national non-profit organization that exists to help the victims of child abuse and neglect, they do everything in their power to help each child heal. Focusing on advocacy, prevention, intervention and treatment of abuse, the dedicated organization works to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of the children.

The foundation upon which all healing begins is unconditional love, and this outstanding non-profit strives to create a place where their motto is fulfilled: "All Who Enter Here Will Find Love." The children who they help have seen the worst of life, so this organization gives them their best. An estimated 6 million children are affected by child abuse every year. Are you going to do anything to help stop it? Join the movement and become a ChildHelper.

ChildHelper is an official membership program, where you can take an active role in the organization’s mission. Help provide hope to those children who have lived through the trauma of abuse or neglect. Make a difference with small, monthly donations and become aware of opportunities for further engagement on the local level. There are three levels of membership: Feed a Child, Provide School Supplies and Helping Hands, where you will help a child be cared for by a caring legal guardian away from their home of abuse. Every child deserves a chance. With your help, they might just get it.

For more information on this amazing non-profit, visit Childhelp’s website at You can contact their national abuse hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD. If you have any questions, call (480) 922-8212. They are located at 15757 North 78th Street Suite B. in Scottsdale.

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