Fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona

About Fountain Hills, Arizona
Located near the McDowell Mountains and in close proximity to Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Arizona is a beautiful community that was designed and laid out on the site of a former working cattle ranch. Today, Fountain Hills offer residents and visitors with a variety of amenities that make living in and visiting Fountain Hills a true delight.

The Fountain Hills city government offers easily accessible offices for each of the different departments that oversee the various services offered throughout the city. These Fountain Hills authority offices can be reached via phone as well as by email for the most convenient access to residents and visitors alike.

The Fountain Hills school district educates more than 2,000 students and has developed a reputation over the past several years for exemplary national as well as state test scores and involving parents as well as community leaders in the educational process of the youth of Fountain Hills.

There are numerous sites and activities in and around Fountain Hills, Arizona to enjoy for both residents as well as visitors. One of the features that can be enjoyed is a wealth of Fountain Hills parks and recreation sites. Throughout the city there are numerous parks that make it easy and pleasant for citizens of Fountain Hills and visitors to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather in Fountain Hills.

Visitors as well as residents can also take advantage of Fountain Hills golf courses. There are three excellent golf courses in the Fountain Hills municipality. Each of the courses are open to the public and have been carefully designed in such a way as to take advantage of the spectacular natural landscape that surrounds the local area.

The Fountain Hills Library is a relatively new facility with is housed inside a complex that offers a local museum as well as many other amenities. Patrons are able to benefit from a self-checkout service for improved and faster service as well as dozens of public access computers complete with state of the art technology and flat screens. There is also a resale book shop and snack bar located inside the lobby of the library that is operated by the Fountain Hills Library Association for the purpose of raising funds for the library. Individuals who are home bound are able to participate in a program where volunteers check out books for home bound patrons and retrieve them in order to provide these patrons with the joy of reading.

The Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona is home to a wide selection of beautiful properties ranging from single family detached homes to townhomes as well as condominiums and apartments. Fountain Hills real estate professionals are thrilled to work with newcomers to Fountain Hills in order to help them locate just the right Fountain Hills real estate.