About Birthday Presence

Who We Are

Birthday Presence is a non-profit organization created with the sole intention of providing special and unique birthday parties to children in the care of foster homes. All too often, children in foster care do not have their birthdays recognized, much less celebrated.

Birthday Presence was founded in 2015 out of a combined passion for both children and birthday parties. What better way to celebrate who a child is, and the importance that they bring to the world, than by instilling in children that their birthday is indeed THEIR special day - that no matter where they are, or what their current circumstances, that they are indeed special and deserve to be celebrated.

• Make a child feel special.
• Provide a child with something they want and deserve; not only something they need.
• Teach foster children that not only are they special because of who they are as an individual but that they are strong and have been through things most people never will and that makes them stronger and even more special.
• Make children smile, make them laugh and excited. Make them happy to chose characters, cakes, and balloons. To have a piece of their innocence given back and a day to be the child they are.

Our goal is to provide foster children all over the state of Arizona with a Birthday Party that teaches them that they do matter, and that they can become anything they desire. Within the first year we plan to provide a birthday party for each child in the foster home we work with. We plan to expand that to as many foster homes throughout the state of Arizona as possible. Our long term objective is to provide this unique and valuable service to foster homes throughout the country.

What We Do

Birthday Presence sees a birthday party as an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life – not for one day, but for a lifetime. Birthday Presence meets with each child individually prior to their birthday. During this initial meeting, we begin the process of helping these children understand that they are indeed special, and that this birthday is their special day. We work with the children to coordinate a birthday party specifically to what has meaning to them. Through this process, we strive to instill in each child the value that they bring to the world because of the unique and special person that they are.

Birthday Presence is unique because we strive to offer each child their own special party. We meet and speak with every child individually to best execute a party that makes them feel unique and special. We get to know the child on a personal level and inquire information regarding who they are and what is important to them. We ask what a birthday means to them, and work with the child to create a perfect birthday party.

After the birthday party we again visit with the child and provide them with a picture book of their special day, reinforcing how important they are to us and to the world. We believe that because each party is unique and allows the children to pick venues and themes, that the parties will have a greater impact on each child and the community as a whole.

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